More than 30 years of innovative capacity

When Jürgen Greipl joined the management of Dittrich & Greipl GmbH in 2013, a constant transformation process began in the company. After around 10 years of change and enormous investments in the development and expansion of technologies and locations, a new, modern high-tech company with a completely new orientation developed step by step. In order to make this change visible to the outside world, we decided in 2023 to change our external image and to appear with a new logo and new company name in the future.


Foundation of Dittrich & Greipl GmbH on 01 October 1986 by Franz Greipl and Paul Dittrich in rented premises at the location Röhrnbach in Lower Bavaria


Foundation of D+G Elektrik s.r.o. in the Czech Republic for the production of cable harnesses and housing technology


Takeover of an existing production site in Haus i. Wald with the production areas electronics and milling technology; initial certification of Dittrich & Greipl GmbH according to quality standard DIN/ISO 9002


Completion of the new Dittrich & Greipl main administrative building in Haus i. Wald


Foundation of the engineering company Technagon GmbH by Jürgen Greipl and Mathias Freund


Paul Dittrich retires as a shareholder due to age reasons. Franz Greipl becomes the sole shareholder and managing director of Dittrich & Greipl GmbH


Jürgen Greipl joins Dittrich & Greipl GmbH as managing director


Major investments in the areas of machinery and infrastructure of the locations Röhrnbach and Haus i. Wald; structural combination of the companies Dittrich & Greipl GmbH and Dittrich & Greipl CZ s.r.o.


Initial certification according to medical standard EN ISO 13485


Construction of the second production plant in Haus i. Wald


Completion of the second production plant in Haus i. Wald


New construction of a logistics hall at the second production site in Haus i. Wald


Renovation of the production areas at the main plant in Haus i. Wald


Dittrich & Greipl GmbH is renamed to GREIPL GmbH