Precision components

We has been producing precision parts since 1994. What originally started off as an addition to thin sheet technology has developed into an independent and important area of competence. By enormous investments in know-how and technologies, we have opened ourselves to completely new product and market areas in the last few years. The impetus for this were often also our customers’ demands in the areas of measurement technology and microscopy.

Our main focuses today are high-precision milling of complex workpieces made of solid material as well as post-processing of welded assemblies and cast parts. The machining dimensions in the 5-axis range are from large parts up to dimensions of 1,250x1,250x1,000 mm and a weight of up to 2 metric tons. In the 3-axis range we can machine parts of up to 2,600x700x700 mm without any problems.
Various downstream surface and printing processes such as passivation, powder coating and screen printing are also an integral part of our in-house range of services in the competence area of precision components.

Certified quality

In addition, we has a closed, air-conditioned measuring area. In this area, equipped with state-of-the-art tactile 3D measuring technology, initial samples are tested and test steps in the serial process are carried out and documented.
The individual requirements of your product are always the decisive factor for the determination of the suitable production process. For us, quality begins already in the planning stage.