As a systems supplier we offer our customers a comprehensive service portfolio. You and your product’s requirements alone decide the extent of its application.

  • Industrial Engineering

    As earlier as in the initialization phase, GREIPL group focuses on the future production process. We constantly strive for the most cost-effective strategy to create the best possible prerequisites for our customers’ market success. Doing so, we do not only take into consideration our own production processes, but choose the best solution for your product from the available materials and production technologies.
    More than 20 engineers and technicians help our customers daily turn their ideas into reality. Whether with specific tasks or in the overall responsibility for your project. We also help reduce the costs of your products by means of value engineering. Let us put your product to the test!

  • Series production

    The stated goal of upstream development and sampling processes is the transfer of your products to series production.
    Each competence area has its own definition of the term “series” and the related quantities. Whereas in precision manufacturing, GREIPL group talks already about series in case of repeat parts with manufacturing lot sizes of about 5 parts and more, the complex requirements of modern industrial system assembly have contributed, especially in the focus markets, to significantly increased objectives of cost-effective series production during the last few years. We pay particular attention to process stability and quality when manufacturing your products – both in the in-house shop floors as well as with regard to our qualified suppliers.

  • Logistics

    Our range of services goes far beyond the development and manufacturing of your product. If required, we will also be pleased to support you in the design and realization of customized product packaging so that your valuable products can be transported to their place of receipt without damage.
    Our range of different storage concepts such as buffers, consignation or KANBAN, guarantees optimum security of supply, and we will be more than happy to take care of the entire logistical operation up to the final customer including customs clearance and complete documentation.