Market focuses

Increasingly demanding markets and rapid changes also lead to increasing demands of our customers. In that respect all listed market focuses are undergoing the same development. This change, however, confirms GREIPL group in its strive to continuously develop its competences und business processes.
Together with our clients we are working on new technologies for exciting applications. An interesting environment that inspires us to give our best performance every day.

  • Industrial laser technology

    Laser technology applications are becoming ever more complex and multifaceted. Modern laser systems, depending on laser type, wavelength and output, are used in different areas such as life science, medicine and research – but also in industrial applications such as photolithography for the production of highly integrated semiconductor components or micromaterial processing. Many of our customers use GREIPL group´s considerable expertise as a system partner, and some of them have been doing so for many years.

  • Microscopy / Measurement technology

    Achievements in research and development as well as state-of-the-art technologies in measuring technology and digital imaging continuously push the boundaries of what is feasible. Our customers in the microscopy and measuring technology sector always work in this border area and rely on precision and quality provided by our company.

  • Electromobility

    The mobility industry is in a radical change. Many new concepts are under development and testing. Analysts and industry experts see the greatest growth opportunities in the field of electromobility, since energy production and use do not require an additional conversion process. Nevertheless, many technical and regulatory hurdles had to be overcome to this day so that electromobility could establish itself as a new, alternative transport concept.
    The first charging stations for the electrical "refueling" of vehicles were manufactured by us in 2010. Since then, many customer projects and more than 10.000 charging systems for use in public and semi-public spaces have been produced in close cooperation with our partner Technagon.